We met Ed through a mutual friend at church. We were told Ed had quite the history of stories to tell and a life well lived. We were eager to sit down with him and listen to what he had to say. With all of our clients we call and visit with them prior to the documentary. One of the questions we ask is: “what is a meal that reminds you of your past”, or “a favorite food you used to eat”. In addition, we ask “if they have a favorite dessert/baked good”.

Prepping for documentary day, Leigh whipped up a luscious chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I was tasked with making the cream of onion soup and bread. That was my addition because bread always goes well with soup. Plus, for some reason I kept thinking about the era that Ed lived and grew up in. It reminded me of when bread was a staple with every meal and could be smelled baking out of almost every kitchen window.

Back to the soup. I had never heard of cream of onion soup, only French onion soup which I had never tasked myself with making. So I started researching cream of onion soup on the internet and even scoured through some of the vintage cookbooks I collect/hoard (It’s only a small problem). Low and behold the soup was one of the first listed in my 1962 Joy of Cooking cookbook. With very little guidance I decided to piece together some recipes to create my own.

The best part of the day, was delivering that food to Ed. He had no idea and was completely surprised. Later that evening Ed called us and left a message. His words, we will never forget. “Thank you both for the delicious cake and bread! I have enjoyed the soup for both lunch and dinner, I haven’t had this soup in 65 years since my mother used to make it for me, thank you both again.”

Don’t get me wrong we loved listening to the stories of Ed’s time serving as a pastor, then later becoming a senator. He went through hardships throughout his life; losing 2 wives to health issues, yet continuing to serve the Lord, knowing there was a bigger plan for him. That is one thing that stuck with me after our interview with him. His no budge faith and knowing that each step that was laid out, was set into motion by God, himself. Although mostly serious during the documentary, Ed did let us in on his constant trouble with a heavy foot. He was even jailed once for speeding. He laughs about it now. As laughter went back into story-telling, Ed did finish our conversation by singing, not telling us his favorite song, but literally singing loud the song that bring him great joy.

Thanks Ed, you brought us great joy!