Everyone has their own ingrained memory of what they were doing the day that JFK was assassinated. When we asked Jeanne about her memory, she told a jaw-dropping, whole different side of the story.


We all go through life broken, scared, and damaged. It is these broken pieces that remind us how we persevered and made it through.

Blind Date

Bob recounts the memories of meeting Roberta for the first time. A legacy video like this captures a love story that can be told for generations.

Just say no

Teenage years having us asking some tough questions. Yet it leads to some great stories!


JoAnna describes how her family pet became a war hero.

WWII and a Love Story

A 96-year old man describes the stories during his time in wwii and how love persevered.

The German Invasion

Evelyn shares the notebook she kept her sewing patterns in and the German invasion.

The Corn Cob Pipe

There certainly are some people in life that can create some very memorable moments and memories.

Seed Sack

Chicken feed sacks were often made in beautiful patterns and Delores speaks about the dresses her mother made for her.

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Tina Kettles

This was the most incredible, heartwarming, and special experience we’ve ever been a part of. Claire and her team made the most amazing video of my incredible grandparents. Every time I think about it I get tears in my eyes. This was the best money we’ve ever spent. I will have this memory of my grandparents forever. After watching the video, I felt a deep deep honor to be the granddaughter of these incredible people. Thank you, Claire!!

Jeanne Hoag

I had the privilege of doing a video with Claire and her crew a short while ago. Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised with the result. First, we talked about my life and Claire has a way of bringing up the memories you may have forgotten or pushed to the back of your head. The entire crew at Preserving With Purpose is professional, committed, and caring. I highly recommend this company if you are considering leaving your life story for your children/grandchildren.

Bart & Dot Bartholomew

My wife and I are in our 70’s and my wife is in the later stages of Dementia. When we met Ms. Richardson with Preserving with Purpose, it was the perfect time for this to happen in our life. Before I get into the production itself I would like to share how it was before we actually did our story. Claire is remarkable person and so professional in preparing the person or family on what to expect. We had time to think and reflect on our past 50 + years and didn’t have to do it off the cuff so to speak. I made it so much easier. Now to the production. When the crew (2) of

Preserving with Purpose came to our home they turned it into a studio without out changing hardly anything. “Lights, Camera Action”!! Away we went. It seemed like it was over in just a few minutes, but when you are sharing your life, (yep life) as early as you can remember plus what you were told before you remembered. It went by quickly.

Preserving with Purpose is a very professional company and we are so happy with our finished product and it is just over an hour long!!! Now the generations that follow us will now have “the facts”, not stories that their mom and dad say.
Thanks Claire and Preserving with Purpose, we will cherish our life story that is now on video

Alyssa Seaton

We have hosted Preserving with Purpose at Collinwood Assisted Living and Memory Care as they worked with some of our residents to create amazing legacy videos. These videos are so special for them to be able to pass down to children and grandchildren for future generations to stay connected with their family’s history. Our residents and their families have been so happy with the beautiful videos that Claire and her team were able to put together. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to create a lasting memory with their loved one to watch for years to come.

Wayne Jeffers

I cannot recommend Preserving with Purpose highly enough! What an incredible experience! It was clear from our initial contact that these folks truly valued our mom/grandmother and her story. They treated her like a family member. They made her comfortable with the entire process, taking the time to answer all of hers and our questions and concerns and let us know what to anticipate. They were completely accommodating to our schedules and wishes. The final product is professional and accurately portrays our mother’s/grandmother’s personality and life story. We will treasure this life documentary forever. Thank you SO much for a wonderful experience from start to finish and for helping to preserve our mother’s/grandmother’s legacy for us!

Lauren Foster

The owner of the company could not be more professional and caring about the invaluable work that the company does. This concept promotes social connections for seniors and captures it for their family’s future.