Documenting your life story so the past is never forgotten.

Documenting your life story so the past is never forgotten.

Documenting your life story so the past is never forgotten. Documenting your life story so the past is never forgotten.

A date with Jack Ruby

Everyone has their own engrained memory of what they were doing the day that JFK was assassinated. When we asked Jeanne about her memory she told a whole different side of the story. Needless to say our jaws dropped!

The Broken Horse

We all go through life broken, scared, damaged. But it is those broken pieces that remind us how we persevered and made it through.

Blind date

Bob recounts the memories of meeting Roberta for the first time. A legacy video like this captures a love story that can be told for generations.

Basketball Star

Think again on who the basketball star of the family is...Listen as Bob recounts the memories of his mothers basket ball skills. These stories will become valuable to his grandson one day.


Ron shares the memories of "walking through the shadow of death"  with his beloved Amy.

Just say no

Teenage years having us asking some tough questions.

Yet it leads to some great stories!

A father's homecoming from war.

JoAnna describes the moment her father came home from war. The memories and stories during this time of her life will be presented in a legacy video that will be passed down through her family.

Chickens Have Got to Go (legacy video)

A reasonable way to get your grandmother to move home, right?

separated from her mother and coming to America

Her 6 years spent away from her mother during the war and her journey of coming to America. This legacy video records the personal stories of Mary's adventure during a difficult time.

WWII and a Love Story

A 96-year old man describes the stories during his time in wwii and how love persevered. 

The German Invasion

Evelyn shares the notebook she kept her sewing patterns in and the German invasion. 

The Corn Cob Pipe

There certainly are some people in life that can create some very memorable moments and memories.


Jaime explains what it would have been like to capture her Mother's and Grandmother's stories on video 

What will you pass down to your children?

Brad explains the importance of capturing your families stories through a legacy video put together by Preserving with Purpose.

"I wish I would have been able to capture my grandfather's stories. It would be amazing, all the stories you missed out on..." Brad

Discover your family history

Listen to Brad as he discovers a beautiful secret his grandmother was holding.


Capturing your stories and memories on video is one of the greatest gifts you will ever give your family. Legacy video.

Advice on Life

Margie Smith shares her wisdom of the importance of slowing down to enjoy each moment.