Documenting your life story so the past is never forgotten.

Claire Richardson- Founder

It’s not about us.  It’s about a generation that has a wealth of knowledge stored inside their memory and not in a computer. They have stories of a past so unlike ours that in most cases could put dramatic television to shame. It’s about an aging generation that once lived during a slower time, that we all frantically yearn for.

Trying to write a bio  has deemed to be hopeless as my passion lies in hearing and conveying the stories and memories of those much wiser than myself. First and foremost, I give the glory to God. Without him this idea would have never come to me, never fit so perfectly into my life, my passions and my own pasts. Claire with a background in automotive has managed to bring passion and determination together to honor those whose history has allowed us to be doing the things we do, i.e. growing our own vegetables, baking delicious treats, and experiencing what life was like before technology was attached to us 24/7. We aim to preserve the memories and stories told to us in such a way that captivates you to sit down, put away your phone and listen intently to the past that is our future.