Lesley and Mike’s Love Story


We were both working at a company in Lakewood that made fire detection systems. He was working as a tech there and I was on the line soldering electronic boards for the detectors. One day, at one of the vending machines in the break room, I was looking at stuff to snack on. All of a sudden he came up behind me. I was honestly a little taken back because there was this big man standing behind me.

(Mike speaks up) I said to her “You work on the production floor right?” She said yes. Then I told her this is where I work. She proceeded to walk away quickly, but not before I noticed her great butt.

It wasn’t until we all went to a bar on Union Blvd. after work that we started talking. Yea she definitely started talking to me, she came up to me first.

The group of people we worked with at the time, also hung out a lot after work, so we found ourselves often at the same place.  For our first date Mike asked me to join him in attendance at his older brother’s wedding. It was very interesting because Mike’s parents, when they communicated, they didn’t talk to each other they argued. They were always butting heads. So we get through the wedding and it’s a very nice wedding, but then we are going to the reception and Mike of course has to go with the wedding party so I’m in the car with Mike’s parents. They are trying to find their way to the reception area. Mike’s mom is trying to give directions and his dad is just saying “nope that’s not where it is”. So they are going back and forth, arguing. I’m sitting in the back seat of the car with really big eyes going, holy cow, thinking what did I get myself into. So we figured if we were able to make it through that, we could make it through anything.