We all panic a little when… one, we are asked to be on video… and two, when we have to pick and choose the stories and memories we want to share on video for our loved ones to watch years from now. JoAnna, like most, had those worries as well. However, we were so humbled when she told us that the entire process was well organized and became easier because of working with us. She was able to utilize some of the tips we encouraged her to do, making the process exciting and worthwhile. Her idea of working through the decades of her life allowed her story to flow and we were able to continue asking question about so many of her interesting stories. 

That’s been one thing we have enjoyed so much- everyone has such unique stories and their own interesting way of telling them. As JoAnna told us about her life I learned things that I had never known about. For instance, her dog was sent off to WWII to “work”. They had been recruiting for dogs to go overseas for various operations and looking for specific breeds. JoAnna’s dog fit the bill. They don’t know exactly what Teddy did because it was a hush/hush job, however he was trained extensively and used during the war. He was later sent back on a train to the family. Can you imagine the stories that dog has?

JoAnna grew up in the Loveland area and told us that before the land was developed, cherry orchards grew across the fields to the Fort Collins area. She can remember driving the farm truck on her father’s property filled with crates of cherries down to the cannery where they would pay them and process the cherries. We found it only fitting to arrive the day of her documentary with a Cherry Cream pie! 

JoAnna not only touched our hearts with her unique stories and interesting memories, but we became very close to her learning her story and spending the time we did with her. We are forever grateful for the relationship and sharing her story!