Your Questions

How do I pick a package?

Our most popular package is the Legacy package. It allows for 2 hours of video time, which we find “most” people are able to tell the stories and memories of their life in that time period.

We are always a phone call away and happy to help customize or guide you into the best package possible.

My mom/dad/grandma/grandpa is terrified to be on camera.

100% of our clients have either been fearful or hesitant in some way about being on camera. AND 100% of them have said this is the best thing they have ever done.

Yes there are cameras there, yet we focus on an intimate conversation with you, speaking directly to each other like you would to an old friend. We make you feel comfortable and at ease, prompting you with questions to keep the conversation flowing.

But I don't have a story.


We’ll be modest on this one, but 98% of our clients have said that “they didn’t have a story” or that their “story isn’t that great”. Guess what, your story matters and IT will affect and be a lasting impression on the grandchildren and great grandchildren and great, great, great….(you get the point) who view it in the future.

Do you only work with 55 and older?

We had made it our mission to capture the life stories of 55 and older when we first started Preserving with Purpose because we felt the history, stories and wisdom of our elders was quickly fading away.

Yet, we realize that there are individuals who have only a short amount of life left to live. What they have to say matters and will be a keepsake to a family in mourning.

So no, we focus on ALL individuals who want to tell a story, who want to leave a legacy and want to give a gift that will last generations.

What’s the difference between Preserving with Purpose and an iPhone?

We utilize multiple professional cameras capturing the right angle and best look of the individuals, resulting in a clear picture.

We utilize professional audio equipment, often with a back up to ensure that all that is said is clear and can be understood.

We bring professional lighting equipment so that the picture is bright and well lit.

We can film for hours without stopping to ensure there is no distraction or disruption during the best part of a story.

We provide you with a final version that has been professionally edited to blend your loved ones unique story together into a timeless keepsake.