Bob & Roberta’s Love Story

Bob’s Story:

After Jerry, her cousin decided he would take me home with him one weekend to meet Roberta, he set up a double date. We went home and got dressed that Saturday evening and went over to Columbia College to pick her up. Of course before we got there he started giving me this little story, saying “Bob, I just want to let you know that I have been kind of misleading you. We have trouble getting Roberta dates, she is a very nice girl, but she’s not the most attractive. I said well I have seen her pictures. He said well she’s a little…ya know… I’m just warning you so you won’t be surprised. Well that just blew me out of the water. We get to the house and we go in. Her brothers and her father are there in the living room and I chat with them and am nervous as I can be. I’m not sure what’s going to come out. And then she comes out with her mother. Oh my God I was so relieved; she was an attractive young lady. We went out that evening, picked up Jerry’s date and went to the movies, and then took them back because they had to be back at 10 o’clock, ya know that was how it was back in the dark ages. That was a good experience and I even stole a kiss from her that night.

We had already decided we were going to get married, but I told her I wasn’t going to be able to afford an engagement ring. I had a roommate whose Uncle one came down to visit one day. He was a diamond ring salesman and came to talk with his nephew about the ring he was purchasing for his girlfriend. The Uncle said to me, “you going get a ring?” I told him I couldn’t afford any but he insisted on showing me some. He said since you are a friend of my nephew, I can give you this wholesale price over here on the left to save you some money. “Well, I don’t’ have any money,” I said. He replied with “Well you can pay me later, don’t worry about that. If you’d like to order it, I’ll go ahead and order it.” So I thought about it and did some mathematics in my brain. It was like two hundred and some dollars, it wasn’t much, and it was the teeniest diamond you could find. That’s what is on her hand now. I went ahead and ordered it and it came in early summer that year. Like I said I didn’t have enough money, so I had to borrow $20 from my sister to go to this guy’s house to get the ring.


Roberta’s Story: 

Well I was in college when I heard from Bob. It was actually my cousin Jerry was on the second floor of the dorm with him kept coming home. He was like my big brother, we did a lot of things together and we doubled dated a lot. Jerry kept saying this guy lives in my dorm and is somebody I want you to meet, do you think it’d be alright if I brought him home some time. And I said yes. And he said, well I’m going to do it. And apparently he was telling Bob the same thing, that I want you to meet my cousin. Well, nothing happened and nothing happened this whole year that they had been in college. So when I graduated from high school I got this mail and it was a letter form Bob introducing himself since he’d given up on Jerry ever getting around to it.  He included a picture of himself and told me the kind of things he was interested in. He kept writing that whole summer. I can’t remember when he actually came to the house. But if it weren’t for letters we wouldn’t have ever made it. And he continued to write me when I was at school, he even hitchhiked to Columbia College to see me. He was in North Carolina at Clemson. I thought it was so unsafe, but he would come see me.


We had our first date in November after writing letters to each other since May. Then we didn’t see each other again until February when he came back to the collage for a conference. Occasionally he would come down by hitchhiking, but we didn’t see much of each other. We just kept writing, and we still have those letters today.