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Recording your loved ones stories just got easier and even more beautiful! We are NOW OFFERING audio recordings and Story Art. What’s Story Art you ask? We turn your story into a timeless keepsake that can be displayed in your families home.

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There’s something about the older generation that we’ve always been drawn toward. Whether it’s their sense of wisdom, their incredible stories, or how they overcame a time when everything wasn’t at their fingertips; we are in awe of them. They give us a glimpse into tender pastimes when the pace of life was a bit slower, something we yearn for today.

Do you ever wonder what your parents or grandparents were like before they became “parents or grandparents”? Maybe they were a war hero, a mother of 10, or two people trying to survive and make ends meet in a 900 square-foot home. No matter what, they all have special stories to share and Preserving with Purpose is here to record them for you.

132 Stories Preserved

Here’s What Clients Are Saying

I cannot recommend Preserving with Purpose highly enough! What an incredible experience! It was clear from our initial contact that these folks truly valued our mom/grandmother and her story. They treated her like a family member. They made her comfortable with the entire process, taking the time to answer all of hers and our questions and concerns and let us know what to anticipate. They were completely accommodating to our schedules and wishes. The final product is professional and accurately portrays our mother’s/grandmother’s personality and life story. We will treasure this life documentary forever. Thank you SO much for a wonderful experience from start to finish and for helping to preserve our mother’s/grandmother’s legacy for us! - Wayne Jeffers

This was the most incredible, heartwarming, and special experiece we've ever been part of. Claire and her team made the most amazing video of my incredible grandparents. Every time I think about it I get tears in my eyes. This was the best money we've ever spent. I will have this memory of my grandparents forever. After watching the video, I felt a deep honor to be thee granddaughter of these incredible people. Thank you Claire!!

– Tina Kettles

I had the privilege of doing a video with Claire and her crew a short while ago. Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised with the results. First, we talked about life and Claire has a way of bringing up the memoiries you may have forgotten or pushed to the back of your head. The entire crew at Preserving with Purpose is professional, committed, and caring. I highly recommend this company if you are considering leaving your life story for your children/grandchildren.

– Jeanne Hoag

The owner of the company could not be more professional and caring about the invaluable work that the company does. This concept promotes social connections for seniors and captures it for their family's future.

– Lauren Foster


1. Chat

We discuss which package is best for you.

2. Plan

We provide you with questions and tips to prepare.

3. Record

We film you in the comfort of your home, capturing your incredible stories.

4. Share

Pop in the film and share in the joy of watching this timeless video with all of the family.

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Every family has that box filled with photos of unknown faces and places. 

We all have unanswered questions about our family’s history.  

While we can’t go back in time for the answers, we can record the stories we have today.

Preserving with Purpose captures the stories, memories, and passions of your loved ones on video so that you can preserve and celebrate them with future generations.

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