Documenting your life story so the past is never forgotten.

Documenting your life story so the past is never forgotten.

Documenting your life story so the past is never forgotten. Documenting your life story so the past is never forgotten.
Claire interviews a client in the comfort of their home, recording their life story.

A timeless keepsake that lasts generations


Just for a moment, picture yourself sitting in front of a loved one you've lost.

Can you see their face?

Maybe it’s a parent. Maybe it’s a grandparent.

They look back at you with a warm smile on their face.

Now imagine - what would it be like to go back and spend just one more day with them?

Which stories do you wish you could listen to them tell, just one last time?

What would you ask that you never got the chance to? Not because you didn’t care, but because you simply got too busy...

Like we all do.

If you’ve ever experienced this type of loss, you probably wish you could go back and get a do-over.


If You Had A Crystal Ball...

If you had a crystal ball, you’d go back and tell yourself “They’ve got limited time left...Don’t waste it! Say what you want to say, ask what you want to ask...spend that extra time.

...Or you’ll live to regret it.”

You would tell yourself:

“Record their story before time runs out!”

You would plead further: “Your kids are going to want to watch this someday. Right now, they don’t realize the timeless wisdom sitting in front of them. They aren’t old enough to appreciate the stories.”

“Record their story before time runs out!”

Someday your kids, your grandkids will ask: 

What was ________ like?”

You’ll respond, “I’ll tell you what I can remember...”

And as you briefly pause to reminisce, you think to yourself “If only you could hear their laugh again when they tell that story. If only you could see the pride in their eyes again when they describe that moment of triumph. If only you could share the pain again when they shed tears over that loss. If only we could go back and gain the wisdom of untold memories that somehow slipped through our fingers.”

Time waits for no one.

Once the window of time shuts, it never opens again.

But you don’t need anyone to tell you that, and that’s why you’re here today.


The good news?

You’ve got loved ones still with you. Maybe you’ve even urged them to write down their story because you see the window of time closing right before your eyes.

You know they’ve got a lifetime of memories to share and lessons that need to be preserved.

But maybe they don’t realize they have a story.

Maybe they don’t know where to start.

Or could it be that they feel they’re too busy?

The truth is that most stories don’t get passed down, especially in a format that brings the person to life.

For that very reason, we created Preserving with Purpose.

We record a person's  life story so that it’s never forgotten.

We document moments that inspire grandkids to ask their grandparents more questions…

Which creates connection that’s rare in today’s day and age. 

What does that look like, exactly? Watch the video to the right to find out more....

Choose to leave a legacy.

Imagine a day in the future when your grandkids ask what their great grandparents were like, and you don’t have to regretfully respond with “I’ll tell you what I can remember” like most people will.

Instead, you tell them:

“Let me show you who they were” as you press play.

As you watch the film together, relishing in the stories shared, you can’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction that you had the foresight to create this type of moment. 

You’re grateful that you’re the person who contributed to the success of future generations by capturing the wisdom of generations prior. 

You’re the person who was able to give future generations a greater sense of pride about their family heritage.

You’re the man or woman who made your parents or grandparents feel like you care about their story.

Because in fact, you do.

Preserving With Purpose is here to assist you in capturing these stories and wisdom.

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What is it Like to work with preserving with purpose

My name is Patty Endres and I was first introduced to Preserving With Purpose a couple years back when I met Claire Richardson at a radio station luncheon. I could tell right away she had a passion for getting stories and preserving people’s histories. Interestingly enough, in my 30 years as an activity director and recreation therapist working with seniors, I had continuously looked for somebody or something that would preserve what their lives had been for their families. I had even gone to a class about how to preserve your own story and learned what questions to ask…so that the seniors I worked with could write those down for their families. 

When I heard about what Claire was doing for people with Preserving With Purpose, I immediately thought it would be a fantastic idea for my mother in law, Mary Lou.

I wanted to do it for her because I believe she has such an interesting life. No, she hadn’t done anything crazy like fly airplanes, but she’s a small-town farm girl with great down-home ideas. I thought that her story would be a really unique gift to give her 10 children for Christmas. 

When I brought the idea to her, the initial thought was “Oh no…my life isn’t that interesting.” But you could also tell she was super happy that I thought her life was that interesting. It was almost like she was saying, “I don’t want the attention, but really I kind of do.”

I had never considered video recording Mary Lou’s story myself. Even if we had attempted to do so, we wouldn’t have come close to making the final product that Claire and her team created for our family. 

For example, when I arrived there for the recording, I was super excited to see that she had a professional camera man there with multiple cameras, precision lighting, and high-end microphones. 

I also realized the power of having another person ask the right questions. 

Claire asks leading questions that we wouldn’t have known to ask. In my experience, when family interviews other family members, they talk about things that they already know. They don’t ask questions that lead into other subjects or reasons why someone did something. 

Claire has a special ability to give you insight into the person you think you know so well. Case in point, after watching the video we found ourselves saying, “Well I didn’t know she did that.” Or if you’ve heard a story 100 times, you said “Well I didn’t know that was the reason why.”

Mary Lou loved the process of taking notes and preparing for the video (part of Claire’s whole system), maybe even more than the video itself. 

Initially after the recording, Mary Lou thought she screwed the whole thing up. But then after she watched it and saw how it was edited, she said “Wow, that’s way better than I thought it would be.”

The process was very easy for me because Claire and her team really do it all. They simply sent us a bill. We paid half up front, then anyone else who wanted to contribute financially could help to pay the rest once the final product was delivered. The video was delivered 3-4 weeks after the recording.

I was happy that I could be the daughter in-law and family member who could help give everyone the precious gift of preserving Mary Lou’s story. 

The lasting effects of the video were more than I could have asked for. For instance, I knew it would allow the grandkids who don’t live close by, to get to know who grandma really is. Many of them won’t realize the gem of a grandmother they have until it’s too late – and they’re too young to know the right questions to ask. 

What I didn’t anticipate was having it enrich the relationship between them. Because of the video, they now know her in a way that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. They thought to ask more questions both about her and the time period she lived through.

For a lot of kids, history is boring. But when you see how your family was able to make it through things like The Great Depression or WWII, it’s not boring at all. It was as if Mary Lou’s video helped everyone walk into a living museum.  

Thanks to Claire and Preserving With Purpose, we had the ability to show Mary Lou just how much we believe in the importance of her life and the meaning of her legacy. I can’t imagine not having it.

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