Documenting your life story so the past is never forgotten.

Claire interviews a client in the comfort of their home, recording their life story.

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As COVID-19 has changed the face of how we interact with each other and do business, Preserving with Purpose has suspended our face-to-face interviews at this time. However, during this time of isolation we have reflected deeply on what our mission is and has always been...recording the stories so they are never forgotten. We understand that in an uncertain time with financial constraints it can be hard to make decisions. We have crafted a plan to help you ensure the following for your loved ones:

  1. They are not isolated
  2. They have a way to connect
  3. They are given purpose
  4. Their story can be shared with friends and family



My grandmother sitting at a table with coffee telling others a great story.

Aren't we all guilty of using the words,  "I wish I would have...".

We regret that we did not take the time or make the committed effort to document our own or our loved ones memories or life history. 

And once they are gone...they are gone.

Consider the value of recording your loved ones special recipe, their favorite story or a memory of perseverance (their life story) for your family and future generations to watch and value.

Make your story include "I am glad I did it"

For that very reason, we created Preserving with Purpose.

We record a person's  life story so that it’s never forgotten.

We document moments that inspire grandkids to ask their grandparents more questions…

Which creates connection that seems rare in today’s day and age. 

What does that look like, exactly?  Watch this video to the right to find out more about our process.

Choose to leave a legacy.

Imagine a day in the future when your grandkids ask what their great grandparents were like, and you tell them:

“Let me show you who they were” as you press play.

Schedule a call with us today to learn more about which package might best fit your family legacy.

We love a good story.

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