What’s Your Story?

A Timeless Keepsake That Lasts  Generations

I was always a busy person, whether it was my career, working tons of hours or after I became a mom; trying to juggle a career and be as good of a mom as possible with my girls. I loved family time, it just always felt rushed.

I often took for granted that my last living grandmother would be here for a lot longer than I thought, so deciding to stay home with two small children instead of going to see my grandmother somehow felt like a better plan.

"I still have time...", I thought.

And like most grandmothers she didn't push the issue of forcing me to see her, boy how I wish she would have.

Before I knew it, my grandmother had had a stroke and was unable to speak.

To watch the frustration in her eyes when we came to visit, attempting to muster out words that we would never understand, hurt.

Yet the hurt wouldn't be as bad as the regret of not visiting her as often as I should have, not listening to her tell me her stories one more time and not getting to ask all the questions I could think of that would forever linger in my heart.

I didn't want others to live with regret, so Preserving with Purpose was created to make the time, to listen to the stories, to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to and most importantly to give you the choice.


Our Process

Preserving with Purpose records the life story, a recipe, time of service, a special memory, a business legacy of individuals on video in order to preserve the history, stories and memories for future generations. Check out the video to the right to hear about our process.

Here is how it works (written down):

  • We set up a pre-interview consultation with client(s).
  • At consultation we review processes, what to expect and how to prepare for the documentary.
  • If in-person documentary we come to client’s home, if virtual we set up a Zoom meeting.
  • For the in-person documentary, we bring camera, audio and lighting equipment.
  • Interviewer prompts client(s) with questions to keep interview flowing.
  • We scan photos that will be used in documentary.
  • Editing process begins and can take up to 4 weeks.
  • We deliver either a link to download video or multiple thumb drives with final documentary on them.

Why Tell Your Story

“Imagine a day in the future when your grandkids ask what their great grandparents were like, and you tell them:

“Let me show you who they were” as you press play.             

Schedule a call with us today to learn more about which package might best fit your family legacy.”


Contact us with any questions.